001 - Success!

First episode!

In this episode, Jen and Alvaro talk about their new, yet to be named, Reverse Engineering Podcast.

Some of the links we talked about through the show:

@scanlime ’s awesome reverse engineering stuff.

MTVRE Meetup

Halt and Catch Fire

Security conferences: DEFCON , blackhat , REcon

“Hardware/mechanical” reverse engineering example: Auto-syphon reverse engineering

Boost Converter with Water

Ethereal/Wireshark packet analyzer.

Alvaro’s apgForm php script.

Ken Shirriff ’s great blog.

Various places to buy components in the SF Bay Area: Fry’s , HSC Surplus , Weird Stuff Warehouse , JameCo , and Evil Mad Scientist Labs

Next episode will be with guest Dmitry Grinberg! http://dmitry.gr/

Have comments or suggested names for the show? Find us on twitter @unnamed_show,  or hit us up at on the comment form .

You can find Jen on twitter @rebelbotjen and http://rebelbot.com as well as Alvaro on twitter @alvaroprieto and http://alvarop.com .