018 - Ghidra

An Interview with Thomas Daede

Thomas Daede joined us after the Mountain View Reverse Engineering Meetup to talk about Ghidra . Ghidra is the NSA’s newly-released-to-the-public software reverse engineering tool.

The source has not yet been released, but there’s a Ghidra Github placeholder .

Some of the other things we talked about:

Thomas also mentioned @marcan42 ’s example of comparing his own PowerPC code with Ghidra’s decompiled output .

CrowdSupply’ s Teardown conference is coming up in Portland, June 21-23.

BlackHoodie will be back in the SF Bay Area in April .

Women in Security and Privacy ( @wisporg ) has a scholarship program for DEFCON. You can apply for the scholarship online. They’ll cover the DEFCON ticket as well as a $500 stipend for travel/accommodation. If you want to help, you can donate here . Thanks to @RachelTobac for spreading the word! As of this episode, there are 58 scholarships available!

Jen mentioned @pinkflawd’ s tweet about ELF binaries .

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