003 - Barbies and Keyboards

Jen and Alvaro's Projects

In this episode, Jen and Alvaro talk about some current events and some basic reverse engineering projects they’ve worked on.

Some of the topics covered were:

Radiolab episode

Vintage computer festival where Jen found @foone for all your floppy needs.

Reverse Engineering PCB’s with a synchrotron

Alvaro’s Keyboard Reverse Engineering project but more information on HID USB is on this page including tools and values sent to keyboard data.

Jen’s Hello Barbie project < link > but also Digital Dress Barbie (Barbie’s first wearable!). Jen used the TL866A USB Universal Minipro Programmer

Somerset Recon Barbie RE


What is ABI? Get caught up here .

Getting started with Reverse Engineering? Checkout https://challenges.re/

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