004 - 0x0FF the Rails

An Interview with Micah Elizabeth Scott

We spoke with Micah Scott ( @scanlime ), the original inspiration for this podcast. She gave us a rundown of her past and current projects which run the gamut of consumer toys, art installations, and telling a story through technology exploration. Her past projects include coastemelt , Wacom tablet , and Fadecandy .

We also talked about her challenges on Sifteo with limited architectures and resources. We tackled some basic computer architecture types .

The latest project is Winchbot where viewers can watch Tuco and the other kitties. Micah broke down reverse engineering the gimbal motors with Sigrok . We swapped favorite tools ( ipython ) and Jen lost a bet. You can follow Micah along on her YouTube channel and support her on Patreon .

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Music by TeknoAxe ( http://www.youtube.com/user/teknoaxe )