005 - Circuits That Go Nowhere

An Interview with Ken Shirriff

This week we were joined by the incredible IC reverse engineer, Ken Shirriff . You may know him from his Hack A Day Super Conference talk in 2016 or his blog ’s many posts ( Counterfeit chips , ARM 1 chip , and Sinclair Calculator ). We covered quite a number of restorations ( Visual6502 project , 8008 microprocessor - Ken’s restoration details )

He is currently working the Xerox Alto Restoration and we talked not only about the hardware but the microcode and software restoration. Software languages we touched on were the C predecessor, BCPL and object oriented language Smalltalk . There are number of resources out there restoring and archiving computing history:

Resources for getting started with analog circuits at transistor level:

HackaDay Superconference coming up. Everyone on the show ( here and here )  have spoke at this conference. Ken and Alvaro will be there!

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