037 - 2020 Survey Results

Jen and Alvaro chat about the survey and the future of the show!

Jen and Alvaro summarize the annual survey results and chat about the future of the show. Congratulations to Austin from Australia for winning the Analog Discovery 2!

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Here are some of the survey results:

  1. In your day to day life you are a:
    • Top results:
      1. Software Engineer
      2. Hardware Engineer
      3. Security Engineer
      4. Firmware Engineer
    • Other interesting ones:
      1. Carpenter
      2. Doctor
      3. Students/educators
    • Most people do listen a lot. Some several per day and some multiple per week 60%
  2. Who else are you listening to:
  3. Listening while:
    • 60% during zoning out: commute/chores
    • 20% during desk work or exercise
  4. Listening via:
    • Apple, overcast, PocketCasts, RSS were main responses.
  5. Podcast apps used
    • Apple, overcast, PocketCasts, RSS were main responses.
  6. When do you listen to new shows?
    • ⅕ only when interested, otherwise pretty quickly listen to new show.
  7. How to find us?
    • Social media 44 or 30%
    • Amp hour/embedded total of 25%
    • Suggested by web or other means  like other pods 63%
    • In person 2 people
  8. What have been your favorite episode types?
    • Guest episodes 3:2 guests to just cohost
    • Just Jen and Alvaro
    • Conferences 1:3 confs to guests
  9. Fave episodes
  10. Frequency
    • 51% Too Infrequent
    • 42% Just right
    • You want more but not at the expense of content.
  11. You like the interviews for
    • Casual conversions with good questions to help understand new concepts and tools.
  12. After listening to an episode
    • You learned some new stuff and  are ready to try out a new project. All around 95% of the audience fell into these categories.
  13. Parts you like overall:
    • Knowledgeable guests and hosts (whew…)
    • Ok but could find more topics.
  14. Show notes and website:
    • You use the show notes!! 80+% use them in some capacity.
    • Hardly anyone used the website but only for show notes (31%)
  15. Things to change
    • We have a bimodal audience for beginner versus depth. It’s great but challenging.
    • We can tag better to help meet your needs.
    • Alter music gain.
    • Giggling will probably continue. Sorry.
  16. Things to keep
    • You like us! Yay!
  17. Topics:
    • Soooo many topics and people.
  18. You want: stickers and tees

The intro song is Happiest Robot and the outro is Digital Zen , both by TeknoAxe .

We’ve been using Zencastr to record the show.

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Music by TeknoAxe ( http://www.youtube.com/user/teknoaxe )